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Terms of use


This website is the official online store of Lili Hatzopoulos© and has been created exclusively for customer service and facilitation of transactions over the Internet.

The terms and conditions of use of this site, as well as the privacy policy are made known to the users via this website. The use of this site implies acceptance of the following terms and conditions and the content of the privacy statement. Lili Hatzopoulos© reserves the right at any time without prior notice, to amend or update or supplement these terms and conditions and general content of the website in its entirety, including the products and services, changes will be made available to users through this site.


All information entered by users of this website is proprietary and confidential and used by Lili Hatzopoulos© solely to facilitate communication between users of the company and to permit the execution of the orders and are therefore not publicly available and may not be used by any third party as mentioned in law N 2472/97, as is the case every time. This information is protected by Lili Hatzopoulos© for as long as the user is registered to some service of Lili Hatzopoulos© and cannot be disclosed to others but only if imposed by judicial, police and other authorities in accordance with relevant laws

Customer Recognition

The codes used to identify you are two: Login (username) and the Personal Security Password (Password), which each time you enter them you are provided access securely to your personal information. You are able to modify the Personal Security Password (password) as often as you wish. The only one who has access to your information is you through the above codes and you are solely responsible for maintaining the secrecy and concealment from third parties. In case of loss or if someone learns your code you should be on immediate alert since the e-shop Lili Hatzopoulos© is not responsible for the use of secret code by an unauthorized person. We recommend for security reasons, you change your password regularly and avoid using the same and easily detectable codes.

Secure transactions

Payments made through Paypal are also safe. For more information visit

Users of the Site reserve the right at any time, retroactively if necessary, to change the personal data communicated to the company. Clarified that if the application for permanent deletion of user data from the archive of the shop, the process cannot be done in less than seven days from the date of the application


Lili Hatzopoulos©, employees and any such person or entity associated with this relationship, advocacy and legal representation, do not assume any liability for users, customers and other visitors or third parties for damages that may result from the execution or orders and general use of this site or if information is copied to create conditions to mislead the public as to the actual content provider, regardless of knowledge or the required knowledge from Lili Hatzopoulos© (for example and not limited to this no liability for loss of profits, interruption of business, loss of customers, loss of information and data, claims of third parties, compensation, etc.) except where shown that the products sold were of poor quality or defective, is proven fault of Lili Hatzopoulos©. In this case Lili Hatzopoulos© assumes only the obligation to substitute at its own spending these products covering the costs of returning and forwarding the goods, excluding any liability for further compensation for damages, lost profits or other compensation and financial liability of the cause of it.

It is also clarified that Lili Hatzopoulos©, employees and any such person or entity associated with this relationship, advocacy or legal representation, are not responsible for delay or failure in performance of orders in cases of force majeure, as well as in the case of unavailability of goods, however, they guarantee the timely information to end consumers about the lack of availability. Furthermore, although the design of this website and listings and descriptions of the company’s products are made with precision and following the most advanced techniques, the Lili Hatzopoulos© not responsible for damage that may result from technical or typographical errors or downtime of the website.


Use of this site implies acceptance of all these terms and conditions of use, as well as the content of our Privacy Statement.
The sole responsibility for the accuracy of personal data and information provided by users for the purposes of the transaction is encumbered by the providers themselves.
We clarifies that it is prohibited the use of this site to post, send and transmit in any way unlawful, threatening, abusive, libelous, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, or such material that would violate the privacy or affect privacy of others, to express hatred or racial , ethnic or other discrimination, that can cause harm to minors, violate patent rights, copyright, trademark, trade secret or other rights of others and generally content not allowed under any law or under contractual or management to public relations or material that contains software viruses or similar files or programs designed to damage, disruption or destruction of or operation of any equipment or software to collect or store personal data about other users.


Every effort has been made for accuracy in descriptions listed on the site. The data are valid at time of registration. We reserve the right to cancel orders that the information is printed wrong (descriptions, prices, etc.)

We did our best to be accurate in the colors of the products listed on the site. We cannot guarantee that your computer monitor will show the same accuracy.

Prices on the e-shop are in Euro and include VAT (in Europe) and are correct at time of entry into the system. Prices are subject to change without notice. Prices on the e-shop may be reduced in comparison to the prices in Lili Hatzopoulos© shops.

We renew the product information constantly. At some time there may be  an offer in our retail stores, that do not appear on the site or we may be running an offer on the e-shop that is not available in stores.


General information for orders:
When you complete an order, you will receive an email which confirms your purchase, quoting the order number. Our order will get approves if availability is checked in our warehouse and if payment is approved. Otherwise please contact the company at (0030) 2106747770 or send us an email at [email protected]

Because of the delay between the order and the time this is received by the warehouse, the stock of the product may have changed. If not available at the time of execution, you will be informed as soon as available.

You can buy a product online, and request the dispatch of an “acquaintance” as a gift, as long as the recipient in the order listed in the “place of delivery”

We have every right to reject an order for one of the following reasons:
• No inventory of product ordered
• unable to get approval of payment
• There was an error registering the product information (description, price, supply, etc …)
• If there is a problem with your order, we will notify you promptly.

Further information on international orders:
The settlement of the transactions are made in euros only. If a customer has an account in a different currencies there will be a currency conversion at the exchange rate at that time or purchase and this will be charged in its own currency. Customers outside the European union will have to cover any other costs that may arise from customs duties, quotas, licensing, product bans and local costs. Customs policies vary from country to country, and we recommend that before making an order to check what applies in your country.
Payment Methods

Credit Card:
For transactions with Alpha Bank, the following cards are accepted: American Express, Visa and Master card. If you pay by credit card the amount will be deducted at the time of order. All credit card information will be passed for approval by the bank issuing the card. If for some reason the bank refuses the transaction you will be informed at that time. In case of a problem, please contact the bank. The Lili Hatzopoulos© customer service department is also available.

For further information please check the paypal website
Further information:
Once payment is approved your order cannot be modified. So please check carefully that all your details are correct before proceeding. You cannot make purchases with interest – free installments via the e-shop.

If you don’t receive your items within 15 days, please contact Lili Hatzopoulos customer service 09:30 – 20:30 at (0030) 2106747770 or email us at [email protected]


Lili Hatzopoulos© guarantee that all products we sell on the e-shop are in excellent condition and will replace any defective products you wish to return. If you are not satisfied with the quality, color, or the size of a product you can return it. We would be happy to replace any product that does not please you. We accept returns if they meet the following line to return policy:
• The products are accompanied by a completed return form and all documents accompanying the product (e.g. receipt, Waybill etc).
• Products are not used, worn, washed, and altered
• The products have the identification tag in good condition. Remember to try the products purchased without removing the tag.
The returned products must be returned to Lili Hatzopoulos© within fifteen days of receipt. If the refund is not made within 15 working days then Lili Hatzopoulos© cannot accept any return for a replacement. We emphasize that date the returned product that is indicated on the courier receipt.

Products purchased from the on line store cannot be exchanged or refunded at a Lili Hatzopoulos© retail store.

The cost for the service to return products is covered by the customer and Lili Hatzopoulos© has the right not to accept the return. When we receive your return we will replace the product, as soon as possible, with the product you desire at Lili Hatzopoulos’s cost. If the product does not meet the above requirements it will be returned to sender with the same charge. If you have any questions please contact customer service at (0030) 2106747770 or email [email protected]

How to return:
1. Put the products you want to return inside the plastic packaging that we sent the product in, or in any other durable packaging
2. The proof of return must be enclosed.
3. Please tell us the reason for your dissatisfaction.
4. Send to:

Lili Hatzopoulos©
Zan Moreas 80, Halandri
15231, Athens, Greece.


All transactions made through the online store Lili Hatzopoulos©, as well as any differences in the overall use of this website are governed by Greek law and competent jurisdiction to adjudicate such disputes is only the Greek Courts and Tribunals in particular Athens.

The whole design of this website, including graphics, text, products, regulations and service are the intellectual property of Lili Hatzopoulos© and protected by law. Copying or in any way recording and mechanical reproduction, distribution and modification of all or part of the contents of this website and mislead the public about the real provider of this website. The pictures, names, symbols, logos and other distinctive features of Lili Hatzopoulos© are proprietary marks and distinctive features that are protected by Greek, EU and international law, and their appearance in this website does not transfer or license or right to use , as well as the general usability of this site is not a transfer of title to it and the individual elements.

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