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The company was founded by Lili and Dimitris Hatzopoulos in 1987 in Chalandri, responding to the need of customers to create a personalized service space, a pioneering project. Soon, seeing the growth provided by the consolidation of the special relationship with its customers and to further improve its services, the company moved to a new privately owned building, which remains its headquarters to this day.

The secret of the company's success lies in the close and direct collaboration with well-known Italian companies of Prêt-à-Porter (ready-made garment), from the collection of which the experienced in the field Lili Hatzopoulou chooses one by one the pieces that will satisfy the clients. of, all ages. Thus, he always presents them with the best haute couture pieces, chosen with the modern, demanding woman in mind.

However, the company did not stop there: the relationship of trust built over the years with the best Italian factories, led to the achievement of important exclusives for our country, so the approximately 11,500 customers of the company always find unique products, making the company one-stop -shop of fashion.

Adhering to the idea of haute couture, the company used from the beginning as a vehicle to meet its customers and promote the products the fashion shows where those interested could admire the latest collections, which until 2006 took place twice a year at Psychiko College.

Front photo of the shop's store

Objectives / Innovation

From the founding of the company until today, the central and constant goal was set and remained the absolute satisfaction of the modern woman but also the building of a relationship with her, in a warm personal space, in the service of elegance and beauty. This is achieved on the one hand by the separate collections for all ages and for every moment of the day. In the company the client can find morning, sports or evening clothes, in all numbers. In fact, a separate elegant collection is maintained for large numbers. But the services of unparalleled level do not stop there: Lili Hatzopoulou and her experienced associates deal with each client individually, proposing sets that reflect her taste, needs and style and then adapt it to her for a perfect fit, comfort and appearance.

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